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Things to check if your Electramate fails…

People worry that something trivial might be wrong and calling someone out will be a waste of time, especially if the visiting technician just presses a reset button or points out a room thermostat set to ‘low’, for example. So here are the basic checks you can do to avoid calling out an engineer unnecessarily:

1) Check to see if it is the only radiators that stopped working, or only the hot water running cold, or both together.

2) If both together failed, the whole appliance is probably cold and this is unlikely to be fixable by the user. Check your electricity consumer unit for any tripped circuit breakers. If everything is correctly turned ON as normal, then call an engineer. 

3) If the radiators are cold but the hot water is working normally, check the room Danfoss combined room thermostat and heating programmer is set correctly. It also has two AA-size batteries behind the not-immediately-obvious sliding front panel which need replacing annually, and your batteries may be flat. 

4) If the radiators work as expected but the hot water is not working (or unreliable) try turning the power to the unit OFF for a few seconds, then back ON again. This can re-set a failing sensor and give you hot water back again for a while. If this works, then you’ll still need to call someone out if the problem returns, but may well get you enough hot water for a shower or bath.

5) If the hot water simply isn’t hot enough, there is nothing the user can do to affect this and a technician needs to be called. Its usually scale contamination and running the hot tap slower will usually result in slightly hotter water.

If you’d like me to come and fix to your Electramate, call or text me any time on 07866 766364.

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