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Electramate A-Class:

The A-Class Electramate is a rare beast and I find it very unusual to encounter one. It is so rare in the areas I frequent that I haven’t really come to recognise any common faults to produce a list. I don’t think I’ve seen more than about a dozen in my career and in each case the repair has turned out to be something quite simple. One for example, was a heater element failure  and the heater element was not the awkward ‘flow boiler’ as in the 2000 models, but a standard format heater element screwed directly into the copper store. Another difference is the water in the thermal store is maintained via an open header tank on top of the boiler, rather than the sealed system with expansion vessel and (troublesome) auto-filling on the 2000 version.

I’m inclined to think the A-Class Electramate is actually a very reliable appliance as I get so few calls for them, so if you have one I’m inclined to suggest keeping it!

Having said all that, I’ve just received a text from an Electramate A-Class owner saying theirs is showing a red flashing ‘overheat’ light and their local plumber can’t fix. My guess is that the flashing light also indicates element failure as on the Pulsacoil A-Class, but that is just a guess. I’ll have to read the manual now and find out for sure… :)

If you need advice or a repair for your Electramate A-Class, text or call me on 07866 766364. 

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