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First of all, thanks for visiting.

I'm Mike Bryant, also known as Mike the Boilerman. (My main website is www.miketheboilerman.com) I've built this site specifically to help owners of Gledhill ElectraMate thermal stores and/or their plumbers identify faults and fix them.

Gledhill ElectraMates are 'thermal stores'. They work in a significantly different way from ordinary hot water cylinders and water heaters. The ElectraMate is filled with water that never changes. This water is heated overnight using low-cost night-rate electricity and is then pumped around conventional central heating radiators during the day to give 'normal' central heating, but powered by electricity.

The stored hot water in the ElectraMate is also used to heat mains pressure water on it's way to the hot taps, giving mains pressure hot water for high performance showers and rapid bath filling.

Unlike the PulsaCoils, BoilerMates etc, there is only one model of ElectraMate widely installed at the moment - the ElectraMate 2000. There is a later model, the ElectraMate 'A' Class, but I rarely encounter one and so far I have only written a page for the electraMate 2000


Mike Bryant, AKA Mike the Boilerman. 



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